ModBlossom QAL-Week 5: Putting It All Together!

Welcome back to the last week of our ModBlossom QuiltAlong! This week is all about putting it together so whether you’ve just made a few blocks or all (12) blocks – I’ve got some different layouts to share with you.

There’s no companion video to share with you this week as the pictures below kinda say it all! So let’s get started!

Now that you’ve made Flower & Leaf Blocks it’s time to put them together. You’ll note that the pattern does not call for any sashing strips in between blocks but if you’d like to add one – absolutely, it’s your quilt and you can do what you want 🙂 – it will make the blocks “float”.

If you’ve made (6) of each block or a total of (12) – you’ll of course have way more layout options, but I’ve given you some ideas below if you’ve only made two or three of each so let’s take a look! Please note that these pictures DO NOT have the outer border – of course once you decide your layout add 3″-4″ outer border strips on all four sides of your quilt top which will again make the blocks appear to ‘float’ in the background.

Layout #1 – A Small Baby Quilt (6 blocks) – this will measure 36″ x 54″ without borders

Not pictured – you could also just place (4) blocks together in a four patch and have a nice sized baby quilt as well measuring 36″ x 36″ without borders.

Layout #2 – A Small Lap Quilt (9 blocks) – this will measure 54″ x 54″ without a border

Layout #3 – Large Lap Quilt (12 blocks) – this is the pattern cover quilt and will measure 54″ x 72″ without borders

Layout #4 – Large Lap Quilt “On Point”

Lay out the blocks “on point” – I love this version and just wished I had planned this out more to make additional blocks in other color ways – To fill in the side triangles, from your background fabrics, cut 19″ x 19″ squares – cut each background square in half diagonally to create 2 triangles; and then stitch the triangles on to the beginning and end of each diagonal row! Looks complicated but it’s not!

You could use this “on point” layout even if you made fewer blocks!

Layout #5 – Table Runner (5-8 blocks)

This will measure 18″ x (x)” without a border pending how long you want your table runner.

Of course you can also make large throw pillows from each block. I would plan on adding a small outer border and use a 24″ pillow form so the actual block is showing on the front of the pillow and is not being wrapped around the edges of the pillow form.

So whatever way you choose to layout your completed ModBlossom blocks – I hope you’ll share a few pictures with Carl and I of your finished creations! Thanks so much for stitching along with me!

This concludes out ModBlossom QuiltAlong – I hope you enjoyed it!


Look for more Colourwerx QuiltAlongs on our Colourwerx Facebook page or on our website under QuiltAlongs!

Until your next colour fix – happy quilting!  Linda & Carl xxoo

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