ModBlossom QAL – Week 3: Make the Leaf Block

Welcome back to the ModBlossom QAL !! This is Week 3 already and this week we’ll be making these gorgeous huge Leaf Blocks!

Here’s this week’s companion video and again I can honestly say, I think the video shows you a lot more tips and tricks than what you’ll probably get by reading this post. You’ll also want to follow along with the diagrams and steps in the ModBlossom pattern – you’ll find those on pages 5-8.

To make just (1) Leaf block you will need the following units:
• (8) Background Fabric Template C (L shapes);
• (4) total Leaf Fabric 10-1/4″ squares (2 each of 2 fabrics);
• (4) total Leaf Center 4-3/4″ squares (2 each of 2 fabrics)
• Template D Shape

We’ll be making half square triangle units (HST) from both our 10-1/4″ squares and our 4-3/4″ squares. 1. Start by pairing up the same size squares together with one fabric color to the other in each pair – you’ll create (2) pairs for each size.

2. Draw a diagonal line down the Wrong side of the lighter square in each pair.

3. Matching the pairs Right Sides Together, stitch a 1/4″ seam down both sides of that drawn diagonal line.

4. Cut each pair of squares apart on the line and press to the darker fabric.

5. Trim down and square up the HST units as follows:
— Leaf Fabric HST – trim down to 9-1/2″ – make a total of (4);
— Leaf Center HST – trim down to 4″ – make a total of (4)

1. Gather template D and the (4) 9-1/2″ Leaf HST units. Lay Template D along the diagonal line of one Leaf HST unit matching tip to tip. Trace with a washable marker, the curved edge of Template D onto the RIGHT side of first HST unit. Also transfer and copy the markings onto the Right side as well – there will be 6 markings: three on each side – one in center and one to the left and right of that center mark. These markings will guide your placement of the L Shape (Template C) in the next step.

2. Cut out the curve on both sides of the Leaf HST. Use scissors if you are not confident using your rotary cutter to avoid a mishap – eek!

3. Repeat the above steps on all (4) Leaf HST units.

1. Select (2) L Shapes and (1) Curved Leaf unit. Press the L shape in half to crease a center mark for yourself.

2. Align (1) L Shape Right Sides Together with the Leaf Unit – matching the center marks; pin in place. Next take the end of the L shape and align it to the mark on the left; pin in place. Do the the same with the remaining L Shape end on the right side of center. You may pin more but I find these 3 pins work fine when stitching the L Shape to the Leaf Unit. Repeat on the opposite side of the Leaf Unit.

3. Maintaining your “best” 1/4″ seam, stitch the L Shape on the Leaf Unit. Do not remove the three pins if at all possible. It is important for the L shape to begin and finish on the hashmarks you transferred from Template D. The video tutorial shows me stitching this curve in real time for you with some helpful tips and tricks – and the patterns also has helpful tips on page 6.

4. Once both L Shapes are stitched to the Leaf Unit, press the seams out toward the L Shape Background fabric. Repeat the above steps on the remaining Leaf units and L Shapes to create a total of these (4) units.

5. Place (1) Leaf unit on the cutting board and trim the to 9-1/2″ x 9-1/2″. You will find that most of the outer corners of the L Shape will be trimmed away. Do this same step to all (4) Leaf units.

1. Lay out the 4 Leaf units in formation on your cutting mat.

2. Select the (4) Leaf Center 4″ HST units you created above and draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each unit in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the seam line.

3. Following the diagram pin a 4″ HST unit in in the center corner of each Leaf Unit.

4. To ‘snowball the corner’ – stitch on that line – BUT HERE’S A TIP: I like to stitch just a hair to the right side of that line. That way when I flip and press that corner over to center, the tip will match my center corner exactly. if you stitch right on the line, you’ll find that thread and the fabric folding over take up precious seam allowance and the tip of the 4″ HST unit will never meet or match the center corner of the Leaf HST. By stitching just a hair over to the right of that drawn line, you’ll ensure that it will.

5. Once you have pressed the Center HST over to meet the center edge of the Leaf Unit, trim away excess fabric layers below leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance. Repeat the above on all (4) Leaf units.

To snowball the center corners of the Leaf units or not to – is entirely up to you. Notice on the pattern that some Leaf blocks have a double pinwheel center(far left photo below and what we learned above) and some have a single pinwheel (center photo below and created like above but just using (4) 3″ squares) and some do not have any snowball center at all (far right photo below).

Check out page 8 in the pattern for more info on this and diagrams.

1. Once the centers of each Leaf unit have been snowballed (or not), place the 4 blocks in formation. Stitch the units together to form 2 rows and then stitch the rows together to create the block. When complete the block should measure 18-1/2″ x 18-1/2″.

That’s it for Week 3! Week 4 will construct and stitch together that beautiful Flower Block!

Feel free to ask questions, share your progress and of course, post pictures over in the Colourwerx QuiltAlong Facebook Group – here’s the link just in case:


Until Week #4, happy #colouricious quilting!

xxoo Linda & Carl

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